Replacement Parts

Ordering Policy for Auto Tee-Up Machine

Scope and Purpose

This policy outlines the procedures for ordering replacement parts for the auto tee-up machine used in Golf Simulation. The machine comprises three hardware components: Tee Module, Screw Module, and Keypad, each consisting of various machine parts, circuit boards, power switches, and motors.

Authorization Process

Only customers who have purchased a new auto tee-up machine are eligible to order replacement parts. Orders must be initiated through the form below.

Inventory Management

While we maintain an inventory of replacement parts, it is possible that certain parts may not be available in stock at any given time due to demand or supply constraints. In such cases, orders will be fulfilled as soon as the required parts become available.

Delivery and Handling

Customers are responsible for covering the cost of shipping and handling for replacement parts orders. However, if a part is found to be defective upon the original receipt of the machine, we will cover the cost of shipping and handling for the replacement part.

Defective parts must be reported within 15 days of activation of the auto tee-up machine or within 60 days from the date of receipt, whichever comes first. Customers are required to notify our customer service department promptly upon discovering any defects to initiate the replacement process.

Documentation Requirements

All necessary documentation for installing replacement parts and components is available on our website. Customers can access detailed instructions, manuals, and technical specifications to facilitate the replacement process.

Ordering Process

Customers can place orders for replacement parts by submitting an order through form below. Orders will be processed promptly, and customers will be notified of the estimated delivery timeframe.

Warranty Considerations

Replacement parts are subject to the warranty terms and conditions outlined in the original purchase agreement for the auto tee-up machine. Defective parts covered under warranty will be replaced free of charge, including shipping and handling costs.

Contact Information

For inquiries regarding replacement parts ordering or technical assistance, please contact our customer service department at [email protected].

Revision and Updates

This policy is subject to periodic review and updates as necessary. Any revisions will be communicated to all relevant stakeholders in a timely manner.