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Frequently Asked Questions

General Questions

What are the space requirements for an auto-tee up?

Height (recommend minimum: 10 feet, with noted exceptions)
The first thing to consider when looking into incorporating an auto tee up to any space is the ceiling height. We recommend a minimum ceiling height of 9.5 feet. Of course the ultimate height requirement depends on the user of the space. If you can swing a driver comfortably in the space then you have enough height for a golf simulator.

Depth: (recommend minimum: 9 feet from tee to screen, with noted exceptions)

The recommend depth of the space from the tee to the screen should be no shorter than 9 feet from the screen. This allows for the proper bounce back and return ramp roll of the balls to funnel back into the system.

Width: (recommend minimum: 12 feet, with noted exceptions)

Can I install this myself?

The short answer: Yes! Golf Linx provides detailed instructions on how to install the tee up components and software installation. We also create ramp and platform kits to provide the required ramp angle, trough funnel, and subfloor housing for the tee-up components. We can also provide detail instructions for ramp and platforms construction for general contractors or handymen.

How much will everything cost?

The Tee Linx system is priced at $3750 and includes all hardware and software components.
The ramp and platorm kits are an additional cost that range depending on CA lumber costs from: $1600 – $2000.
This does not include lumber required to support the ramp or rest or platform outside of the platform kit.